Specialized Markets ( Aerospace, Medical & Military )

Non-rechargeable batteries continue to offer power solutions for applications that don’t have readily access to a generating source or limitations in the device being powered. Coupled with long shelf life and wide operating temperature requirements, the use of Engineered Power lithium-primary cells are well suited for applications such as soldier power, emergency locator transmitters and environment sensors. In addition, unique requirements for high temperature sterilization tolerances for medical equipment to high vibration/shock designs for aerospace applications are met with Engineered Power’s chemistry and cell designs.


Lithium Thionyl Chloride (Li-SOClO2)– With its stable operating voltage (3.67V OCV), high energy/power capability and wide operating temperature capability (-55°C to 225°C), Engineered Power has been manufacturing the following Li-SOClO2 cells for over 15 years.

Lithium Carbon MonoFlouride (Li-CFx) was developed in the 1970’s and has been utilized in numerous consumer and aerospace/defense applications. With its high temperature stability & energy density, long life and enhanced safety, Engineered Power has tailored the Li-CFx chemistry for MWD applications. However with a lower operating voltage (3.2V OCV) than LiSOClO2, Engineered Power works with our customers to analyze battery voltage and envelope constraints.

Currently Engineered Power offers the following cells with the Li-CFx chemistry:

Cell SizeModelLength(Inch)Diameter(inch)Max Temperature (C)Rated current (mA)Capacity(AH)Download Brochure
PIG DLIRD-5-12.431.308525015Download
PIG DDLIRDD-5-14.411.309550031Download

Engineered Power has the depth and manufacturing capacity to modify our Lithium-primary chemistry and cell designs for your target applications.


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