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Oil /Gas, Medical, Military and specialized markets.

Engineered Power provides innovative power solutions from the simple to the most extreme environments.  For over 15 years, Engineered Power has been producing primary cells specifically designed for oil and gas applications to work in high vibration/shock and over 150°C environments. While most of these cells utilize the lithium thionyl chloride chemistry (Li-SOCl2), Engineered Power has started to produce advanced hybrid lithium carbon monofluoride/manganese dioxide (Li-CFx/MnO2) chemistry cells.

Coupled with our rigorous manufacturing process that includes intensive product inspections to ensure maximum performance, reliability and shelf life, Engineered Power offers lithium-primary cells to other markets, such as Aviation, Defense & Medical applications.

Engineered Power Core Competence includes:

√  Advanced Lithium-Primary Cell Designs

  • AAA to DDD sizes available
  • Proprietary Spring Mechanism
  • Increased Ratios of Active Materials
  • Reduced Internal Mechanical Welds
  • High temp/shock/vibe tolerant
  • Advanced Safety
  • Custom cells available

√  Advanced Lithium-Primary Chemistry

  • Choice of Electrolytes and Custom Design
  • Gallium Electrolyte Available for Li-SOCl2 chemistry
  • High Energy, Low Self-Discharge Li-CFx chemistry
  • High Power, Hybrid Li-CFx/MnO2 chemistry

Our state of the art manufacturing facility located in Northeast Calgary, Alberta and an R&D facility in Duarte, California.  Our facilities include state-of-the-art air handling equipment, dedicated dry rooms, cathode rooms and testing facilities all designed to ensure excellent quality and durability in all of our products.  With our highly trained and experience staff we can provide our clientele the best products at the best prices to ensure success.

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